Where Can I Buy TCDD Ticket?

with emphasis on the railway transportation in Turkey is now able to go to many places by train. If you want to buy the ticket online or go to the TCDD box office, it is enough to go to PTT workplaces.

Nothing like traveling by train. given the importance of rail transport in Turkey and this type of train transport in recent years due to the development in many places you can get.

So where do you get the tickets? If it is difficult for you to buy the ticket from the internet or go to the TCDD box office, come to PTT workplaces. Your transaction is completed in a short time without any documents required.

You received the ticket, but your plans have changed. PTT establishes TCDD tickets. You can even change the route, travel date or time on PTTs.

Take your train ticket from PTT and enjoy the journey.

Source : I www.internethaber.co

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