The New District Bus Station is Very Good for Çameli

The modern terminal buildings that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has provided to the districts come into service one by one. Çamelililer said that the district of Çameli District Bus Station, which was put into service in this context, suits the town and thanked the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan for the investments.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which is the capital city of Denizli, has made huge investments throughout the city. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality also provides modern facilities for the districts. In this context, first of all, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has a modern terminal building in Sarayköy district, has built modern bus stations in Çamlı, Çal and Honaz. Çameli District Bus Station, which is built on an indoor area of ​​550, started to serve the people of the region. While ticket sales offices, passenger waiting area, cafeteria, masjid, terrace and coffeehouse are located in the modern facility, Çamilililer said that Çameli Town Bus Station suits the town very much and thanked the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan for the investments made.

”Wanted Çameli, we did it“

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, Çameli is one of the biggest needs of the bus terminal, the citizens and he wanted to provide a modern facility in the district, he said. Mayor Osman Zolan, eli A modern terminal building, asked for Çameli, we did. Thank God we have the pleasure of providing a beautiful facility. We promise that we fulfill the promise at all costs. We are working day and night to properly fulfill the trust of our nation, our trust in us. Let them use good-bye, good luck for the good luck. Hemş

What did the citizens say?

Burhan Sönmez (56): I would like to thank Mr. Osman Zolan, Mayor of our Metropolitan Municipality, Cengiz Arslan, Mayor of Çameli, for his wonderful service. At Çameli Bus Station, the change was essential, our old garage was a small place. There was no garage, we had an office. Because of this investment, Osman Zolan should give health to the hands of our President and life.

Mehmet Akdağ (58): May Allah be pleased with my President. From key paving stone to many services, the Metropolitan Municipality has great services. We haven't had the bus station until today. Now our new bus station is really beautiful.

Mustafa Çonaş (48): This was one of the best works to do on behalf of our district. We had a garage like a grocery store before. The passengers didn't know where to stop. Now, thanks to Osman Chairman, Cengiz Chairman they provided a very nice service to our district. May Allah give the President a long life. From Çameli to the upper structure, we are very pleased with the services made by Çameli people.

Akif Gold (54): We are pleased with our new garage. We got rid of dust, smoke. Now we have certain beautiful places worthy of our district. We would like to thank the Mayor who has contributed to the project.

Şeref Akşit (57): For years, there was no bus station in Çameli. It's not clear where the buses are going, but the bags in their open hand were in the mud. May God bless Osman Başkandan. Interior, exterior design is very nice. He made the closed platform, God bless him. Çameli has very nice services. Since we are a metropolitan, we have very good services for our villages and we are very happy with Osman Zolan.

Selahi Öğüt (49): First of all, I would like to thank Cengiz Chairman and Osman Zolan President. Without these men, our caramel would have seen no way, no water, no garage. Watering, closed market places, wedding salons services are not enough words. Osman Zolan Thank you very much to the President. May Allah not let Him be ours.

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