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Japanese Metro Not Filyos Train

This photo was taken on the Filyos Train, not the Japanese Metro. The people of the region who have suffered transportation difficulties due to the trains that have been canceled for years under the pretext of “high speed train, are more [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

Great Interest to Afyonkart

Afyonkarahisar Municipality, which brings a new understanding of public transportation to Afyonkarahisar Municipality Yüntaş A.Ş. The public buses that are put into service by the public are attracting great interest from our people. With the public buses serving, both the car and the journey in Afyonkarahisar [more…]


Work on Hulusi Akar Boulevard

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues the demolition of the buildings in the expansion area of ​​the road on Hulusi Akar Boulevard, formerly known as Tavlusun Street. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, formerly known as Tavlusun Street Hulusi Akar Boulevard expansion of the road [more…]

34 Istanbul

Record Capital Increase from IGA

İGA, which undertook the construction and operation of the Istanbul New Airport for the year 25, increased its capital to 1 billion 790 million TL by increasing 6 billion 240 million. IGA, Fortune 500 companies with record increase [more…]

16 Bursa

Collapsing for High Speed ​​Train at Bursa Ring Road

We recall that X In the 90 years when the Ring Road was first mentioned, there were those who found it unnecessary because it would not directly concern Bursa traffic. At this point… 8 has been the most important transportation investment that has been protecting Bursa traffic from vehicles on the Istanbul-Aegean line for years. Firstly, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Channel in Istanbul Big Risk

The collapse of a retaining wall following the recent rainfall and the danger of collapse of the surrounding buildings in the risky structure of the debate on the agenda brought to the agenda again turned to Channel Istanbul. A great deal in the near future [more…]

the number of dead in the train accident
Intercity Railways

Train Accident in Corlu Rises to 25

Fetiye Yildiz, who was injured in a train accident in 8 in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, was killed in July. With the death of Yıldız, the number of people who died in the Çorlu train accident rose to 24. Tekirdag [more…]