37 lost his life in a train-accident
34 Istanbul

Pamukova to Çorlu Train Accidents Forum

Train Accidents Forum from Pamukova to Çorlu: Kadıköy City Solidarity will hold the Tren Train Accidents Forum from Pamukova to Çorlu ”. The Forum will be held at 22 at Haydarpaşa Railway Station in July. “Not train accidents from Pamukova to Çorlu [more…]

night time in Mersin is appreciated
33 Mersin

Night Tours in Mersin are Recognized

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which started the transformation movement in Mersin with the services it put into service, provides uninterrupted access by night flights. In particular, the company does not provide service to the passengers used by bus passengers heavily used, is appreciated by the citizens. [more…]

07 Antalya

Antalya opens up a new road in Kas

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is pouring asphalt on the other hand, opening new roads. Metropolitan teams, Kas, Sinekci Beli and Cemre Quarter 4 kilometers to continue to work to open a new road. Rural Services [more…]