Intercity Railways

10 Dead, 73 Injured Train Crash in Tekirdag

Çorlu district of Tekirdag near Istanbul-Kapikule-passenger passenger train departing from a rail car overturned. While the ambulance was close to 100, who came to the crash site “According to the first determinations, 10 people lost their lives, 73 [more…]


Completing Feet at TOPÇA Junction

Fatih Pistil, who shared information about the ongoing works at TOPÇA Multi-Storey Junction, said, ık We are nearing the end of beam manufacturing. We have completed the 2 of the foot parts of the intersection. In 3, we are nearing the end. I hope the region is important with the completion of work traffic [more…]

06 Ankara

Capitalists are satisfied

Ankara Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna'nın on this route "Batikent Transfer" gave the good news that the citizens removed, Sincan OSB Törekent-Red Crescent has the opportunity to travel faster. in the capital [more…]


Everybody Wants to Race on Bike Island

World Cycling Champion Fabrice Mels, who visited the Cycling Island built by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We will have good success here. I am very confident in my team Salcano and myself. Looking forward to the end of Bicycle Island [more…]