Panic in Denizli cable car

Panic in Denizli cable car: The incident in the cable car, which is one of the most popular places of Denizli, caused many exciting moments.

According to information obtained, a female citizen estimated to be in the age of 25 and unnamed, ride to the plateau ride on the cable car. But it happened when I was going down. When he was excited and after having had a panic attack, he was suddenly confused. Teams were assigned to the help of the citizens of the cable car connected to the Metropolitan. Health teams were also notified when there were moments of panic.

But no matter what happened, the young woman did not agree to go down the cable car. As a result, the teams attached to the Metropolitan, a woman who had a panic attack lowered the vehicle down the road. When he came down, an ambulance and medical teams calmed the young woman again.

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