Vatman Candidates' Training in Eskişehir Testing of New Trams Continues

One of the biggest investments of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is the Tram Project, 6. While the construction of the stage lines continues, the trainings of the new trains and the trainings of the new trams continue simultaneously.

From Emek-71 Evler to City Hospital and then to 5,2, Sultandere and 75 with the continuation line. ESTRAM's field work will continue to the neighborhoods of the year. While the work on the route of the City Hospital continues, the test runs of the SKODA brand trams, which will start new services, continue until the first hours of the morning from the night of the expedition.

In order to meet the need for drivers to be born with the start of the service of trams and new lines, the officials of the Metropolitan Municipality stated that the trainings of ESTRAM will continue. 61,1 will reach 14 with our new trolley vehicle. With the stop of night cruises, we test our new trams. On the other hand, we are completing the trainings of new candidates for the need for the new trams. Both in the field and with theoretical information we are trying to make our new homeland ready. Hem

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:36

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