Bozankaya develop electric bus platform

Implemented many projects in the production of electric public transportation vehicles Bozankaya A.Ş. participated in the third Ankara Brand Festival. Speaking at the festival, bringing together inspiring names and brand ideas Bozankaya Inc. Chairman Gunay Aytunç "for the first time in Turkey, we aim to develop new smart electric bus technology platform. This vehicle will have autonomous system applications including fault detection and traffic warning system. We started our R & D activities in this field. ”

3 organized by Ankara Chamber of Commerce. Speaker of the Ankara Brand Festival Bozankaya Aytunç Chairman Gunay, they create smart cities of the future infrastructure in Turkey, sensitive to the environment and human health, said electric commercial vehicles and rail systems they produce.

In his speech, Mr. Günay said that the number of people living in cities until 2030 was expected to reach 5 billion. Increased migration rates affect both the emigrant and immigrant cities. This makes it more efficient and smart to use the existing infrastructure. In the 'Smart Cities of the future', autonomous vehicles supported by sensors and smart software will be on the road. Driverless vehicles will be used first in their own special roads. This will reduce traffic and prevent damage. This new technology can be easily integrated into public transportation vehicles in the coming period. Intelligent traffic applications and drive errors can be avoided. Thus, deaths and injuries will decrease. Bö

Sileo, tram and Germany and Turkey in the Trambus our passengers we carry
BozankayaGünay said that this new era was prepared with all its energy and gave the following information: uz We are building the infrastructure of smart cities of the future from today. We produce electric commercial vehicles and rail systems that are sensitive to the environment and human health. Our Sileo electric bus makes urban public transport as quiet and clean as possible. Our modern trolleybus system, which we call Trambus, is a new public transportation vehicle that operates with the power it receives from the electric overhead line, has a high capacity to carry passengers and is economical and environmentally friendly in terms of energy consumption.

The tram stands out with its high passenger capacity, low energy consumption, zero emission principle and modern vision. Our tram, and our Trambus Sileo our electric buses in Turkey, Izmir, Kayseri, Malatya, Konya and Germany Bonn, Bremen, are carrying passengers in many cities, such as Aachen and Lubeck. With our new and ongoing projects, we are developing special public transportation alternatives suitable for the needs of cities and local governments. Recently in Turkey, Elazig, Sanliurfa and Manisa; In Germany, we won electric bus tenders in the cities of Trier, Darmstadt and Hamburg. 7 opened all the electric buses tenders in Turkey we have received. "

Turkey's exports will perform the first metro
Approximately 2 has been serving public transportation with electric vehicles for years Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, continued: uz We produce buses that can cover the longest distance with a charge. Turkey's exports next year will perform the first subway. We are about 100% of Turkey's most important to produce the first electric and driverless bus. According to the data of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality which has a fleet of electric vehicles; 25 thousand liters of fossil fuel per vehicle per year and 65 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year are prevented. With our products, we will continue to support the use of clean and renewable energy and contribute to improving the quality of life of communities. ”

We have accelerated our R & D activities, competing with world giants
Günay also stated that they have completed most of the 22 R & D project, which is made with publicly supported and own resources. He also said that the driverless vehicle industry grew by an average of 16% per year and is expected to reach a market value of 2025 trillion USD in 1,2. Bozankaya's goals are as follows:

. We are not only trying to be a pioneer in our country, but also with the goal of competing with world giants. first time in Turkey, we aim to develop a new technology platform for smart electric buses. This vehicle will have autonomous system applications including fault detection and traffic warning system. We started our R & D activities in this field. While the first lights of the 4.0 industrial revolution, known as 4, are seen in the world, we are working to adapt rapidly to the new industrial society. Horizon 2020 Electric Mobility Europe (EMEurope) also has an EU project. With our consortium partners, we will be involved in EU projects and smart city implementation processes with Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. Ors

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