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While the public buses in Sivas were on the agenda, MUSIAD Sivas Branch President Lawyer Mustafa Coskun once again offered a tram to the city as a different solution to transportation. Coşkun noted that the rail system and street tram should be taken to Sivas's agenda as a serious option, gündem Those who oppose transportation by tram ciddi Is there a way to pass the tram in Sivas? they ask. Our suggestion for Sivas is the street tram. There will be no problem as there is no need for dedicated road and it will use the same way with tires. All our main streets are suitable for the tram. Lar İpekböceği Tram Street in, which is produced locally in Bursa and which circulates in the historical center of the city with vehicles with tires on narrow roads, is an example.

Mustafa Coşkun, chairman of the MÜSİAD Sivas Branch, took part in the discussion of the renovation of public buses by offering a tram line to the city as a different solution. Regarding the issue, Coşkun said: “About ten years ago, minibuses were lifted and buses were renewed. Buses used in public transportation today began to serve our people on the roads. In this period of time, tramway was preferred in many cities as public transportation. However, in Sivas, local administrators stated that the time for the tram was early and that the operating costs could not be met due to the small size of the city and they always made this defense during the meetings yerel.

Coskun, some people 'Sivas small, not efficient,' he said, stating, ve I am confident that our managers, go to Germany, France and other European countries for this purpose, I invite you to visit and observe. In almost all cities of Europe, public transport is mostly provided by tram and metro. In the streets of 150-200 thousands of trams, trams have been wandering for nearly a century, serving people on all the main streets. In our country, transportation has been provided by tram at the end of 19.Yüzyılın especially in Istanbul, but a large part of the rails were removed over time. As a result, it is shown that traveling with wheeled buses is more comfortable. However, as time went on, the error of this view emerged. Our country, which is the world's second subway, has started to understand the importance of railway transportation and rail systems again for a long time, after almost 80 year break. With the inclusion of the High Speed ​​Train project in Sivas, we have the opportunity and the chance to evaluate the urban transportation as part of this project. Yüksek


Coşkun noted that in recent years, draft projects have been built by Cumhuriyet University on the tram line, and the costs have been removed. The issue of transportation by tram was not taken seriously by local administrators and professional organizations in our city and by NGOs other than MÜSİAD and it was not evaluated and discussed in the light of scientific data. Today, the renewal of public buses is discussed and voted. As a different option, the tram and rail system is not even put on the agenda and is not spoken. If the tram is preferred, we can bring together our tradesmen, who are public bus operators, to get the tram wagons and to make them share the business. Thus, we will save the people who own the public bus in the future if the tram is preferred. If this business model is applied, both the investment cost is reduced and no one is a victim. Our proposal is not accepted and the bus is insufficient to reach the end of the life of the bus in this period instead of preferring a more comfortable transportation if the current situation is maintained, at least 15-20 year will fall off the agenda. Imiz


Stating that the rail system and street tram should be included in the agenda of Sivas as a serious option, Coşkun said, “Rails should be laid from the YHT station to the city center, and the Gar - University - Cumhuriyet Square connection should be implemented as the first stage. Gradually, all main roads should be accessible by tram. Buses should serve as a transfer to other neighborhoods, starting from the last stops accessible by the tram. Those who oppose transportation by tram “Is there a road to pass tram in Sivas? "They ask. Our suggestion for Sivas is street tram. Since it does not require a dedicated road and will use the same road with tire vehicles, there will be no problems. All our main streets are suitable for trams. We show as an example of the "Silkworm Tram", which is produced locally in Bursa and travels in the historical center of the city along with narrow tires.


Coşkun stated that a special design could be made to the factory in question and said, tırıl We can give a name that is specific to Sivas. In recent years, we visited this tram with our friends at MÜSİAD and we liked it very much. Some people who do not examine the issue closely oppose the tram with bias. We call upon all of our fellow citizens and managers to examine the issue in detail. The tram will ease urban transport, reduce air pollution and make transportation comfortable. As the tramway runs along the sidewalk, no one will be able to park his vehicle, so that our shopkeepers will relieve the problem of irregular parking. Since the car cannot be parked on the avenue along the tram line, the new square arrangements will meet this need and will be used as necessary, the city will have a regular appearance and a smooth traffic. In addition, when compared to buses, traveling by tram will be preferred by more people, and the number of private car users in the city center will decrease. In short, there will be no environmental pollution, traffic will be regulated and Sivas class will be able to relax. Kıs


Another issue about the tram, who noted that the cost of the Coskun, ası We as a part of the rail system YHT Project in many cities, we advocate that the Ministry of Transport should do. Because the descent of the passengers in the YHT station to reach the city center and neighborhoods will be more preferable to YHT. If a good project is prepared in this regard, we believe that Sivas Deputy Chairman of the Commission, M. Habib Soluk Bey, will endeavor to conclude the work. For this, first of all the route should be determined and a draft project should be prepared. Thus, without any burden on our municipality will be settled in a major problem. If we believe in the project, we can defend it. We can sincerely work together for Sivas. Kil

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