4,5 436 Hundreds of Electric Buses Rescued from Carbon Dioxide

Turkey's "full electric" first fleet of buses serving the area of ​​Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, began to take the money that environmentalists investment in a short time. The first 20-month performance of the 4,5 electric buses on the voyage exceeded expectations in terms of both economy and environment. 162 liters less fuel has already been consumed; saved the atmosphere from carbon dioxide, which 11 thousand trees could only clean.

Standing out with its efforts towards the “sustainable city” target, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality showed one of the most concrete examples of environmental awareness in transportation with the electric buses it put into service. Completely buying 20 electric buses with local technology produced "Turkey's first full-electric bus fleet" of Izmir establishing the local government began to collect the fruits of this important investment.

Both saving and environmentalist
Thanks to the electric bus fleet that has been carrying over 2 million passengers since its first voyage on April 1, 162 thousand 692 liters of fuel use has been saved and 436 tons of carbon dioxide emission has been prevented in İzmir's public transportation. According to another calculation, 4.5 trees would be needed to clean the emissions from fuel-powered buses in the past 10 months.

It will produce its own electricity
İzmir's electric buses, which are produced according to the geographical and climatic conditions of the city, after long-term studies and researches, are 250 km per day. It can travel and does not use any energy source other than electricity. Electric buses, which reduce carbon emissions to zero, save more than 80 percent compared to diesel buses, and offer a quiet and comfortable journey. In addition, the feasibility report prepared by the General Directorate of ESHOT for the purchase of 400 electric buses was approved by the Ministry of Development and included in the investment budget.

Turkey's largest service received 20 public transport serving the "full electric" bus fleet, ESHOT General Directorate of self-generated electricity to run. In line with this goal, a solar power plant is being built on the roofs of ESHOT's workshop buildings in Buca on a total area of ​​10 thousand square meters. The solar power plant, which consists of 2 thousand 3 photovoltaic panels, will generate approximately 680 MW of electricity annually. This energy produced in the power plant will be used for charging environmentally friendly fully electric buses.

The "Electric Bus and Solar Power Plant Integrated Project" implemented by the ESHOT General Directorate was awarded with the "Environment and Sustainable Development Award" given by UITP for being the first in the world in this field.

The first step of the green revolution
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has a special place among the local administrations with the environmental investments it has implemented, has signed a yönetim green revolution y in public transportation. Metropolitan Municipality has brought a new dimension to the steps to reduce the carbon emissions initiated by environmentalist ships and rail system projects such as tram, metro, suburban and suburban buses.

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