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34 Istanbul

Channel investigation starts in Istanbul

Positioning the buoys in the canal in Istanbul near the port of Karaburun on the Black Sea leg and in the Marmara Sea off the Küçükçekmece Lake strengthens the possibility that the route will pass through this point. Black Sea within the scope of Survey, Design and Consultancy services of the century project [more…]

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34 Spain

45 injured in train crash in Spain

Train accident occurred in Spain's capital Madrid. According to initial reports, 4 people were seriously injured in the accident. The Spanish railway company Renfe said that the accident took place at 45 at local time. [more…]

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06 Ankara

Visit to Turkish Transportation-Sen

Security Officers Working in Railways Social Assistance and Solidarity Association (DEGÜVDER) Chairman Mehmet YÜKSEK and members of the Board of Directors visited Şerafettin Deniz, Chairman of Türk Ulaş-Sen. Vice President of Türk Ulaş-Sen [more…]