Tram Arranging Between Konak and Alsancak

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Within the scope of Konak Tramway works, traffic flow on Gazi Boulevard will be arranged as "one way" towards "Konak" starting from December 27th. The part of Cumhuriyet Boulevard between Gazi Boulevard and Fevzipaşa Boulevard will also be a “one way” towards Konak.

Within the scope of Konak Tram Works, which are being constructed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, another important change is being made in the traffic order in the city center.

The General Assembly of Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), which has set the traffic flow in Fevzipaşa Boulevard as “one way” towards Basmane since 19 October, has set the traffic flow in Gazi Boulevard as “one direction towards Konak” starting on 27 December.

According to the UKOME decision, the vehicles will use Gazi Boulevard "towards the sea" starting from the entrance to Dokuz Eylul Square. Other arrangements to be made within the scope of the decision that provides one-way use of Gazi Boulevard are:
* The part of Cumhuriyet Boulevard between Gazi Boulevard and Fevzipaşa Boulevard will be "one way" towards Konak,

  • The part of Şehit Fethi Bey Caddesi between Fevzipaşa Boulevard and Governor Kazım Dirik Caddesi is “one way” from Kazım Dirik Caddesi towards Fevzipaşa Boulevard,
  • The part of Halit Ziya Boulevard between Fevzipaşa Boulevard and Gazi Osman Paşa Boulevard will be arranged as one-way towards Gazi Osman Paşa Boulevard, with entrance from Fevzipaşa Boulevard.

Bus routes are changing
Within the scope of this change in the traffic order, ESHOT General Directorate has also changed the route of some bus lines.

According to this:
Fahrettin Altay Transmission-Halkapınar Metro with 12, Bostanlı İskele-Konak with 121, Cumhuriyet Square with 202 number-Halkapınar Metro-Konak with 253 and Çiğli-Konak with 920 numbers will use Fevzipaşa, Halit Ziya and Gazi boulevards in the direction of Alsancak.

Evka-63 Metro-Konak, 3 Metrokent, 802 Egekent Transfer-Mansion, 811 Disabled Center-Montrö and 930 Bornova-Konak lines will follow Fevzipaşa Boulevard, Çankaya Junction, Gazi Osman Paşa Boulevard and Şair Eşref Boulevard.

The bus number 252, Halkapınar 2-Konak and the bus terminal 302 will use Fevzipaşa Boulevard on the return route, and Halkapınar-Konak lines 251 will also use Gazi Boulevard.

Esentepe-Konak numbered 34, İsmetpaşa District numbered 39-Konak, Çınartepe numbered 42, Mersinpınar numbered 44, Gültepe-Konak numbered 45, Çobançeşme-Konak numbered 46 and Şirinyer Transfer-Konak numbered 838 are also hosted by Konak. On the way to Gazi Street, Anafartalar Street will follow the 9 Eylül Square, Gazi Boulevard and Cumhuriyet Boulevard route.


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