Commuter Trains

Youth citizens want commuter trains

The suburban line carrying 2012 thousand passengers per day in 30 in Kocaeli has now decreased to 19 thousand passengers per month after the completion of YHT construction process and put into service 24 SEFERDEN 8 SEFERE Kocaeli [more…]


Bus Station from Sivas Municipality

Sivas Municipality has added a new one to its applications for all segments of society. Within this framework, mobile phone charging stations and stations where disabled people can charge their cordless devices were installed at public bus stops. Sivas [more…]

34 Istanbul

President Uysal Launches İTAKSİ

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal gave the start of İTaksi which started to be applied in yellow taxis throughout Istanbul. With the use of İTaksi by President Uysal, the application, which has been under test for a while, serves all Istanbul residents. [more…]