Card54 usage reaches 94 million

Fatih Pistil, who shares the statistics regarding Kart54, which is the only payment option in public transportation, said, yana Since the day it was put into service, the number of Kart54 uses has reached 94 million. This year 96 thousand 500 people Card54 [more…]


RayHaber 28.12.2017 Tender Bulletin

National Electric Train Set Project Passenger Information CCTV and Motion Detection System Procurement (TÜVASAŞ) Refectory Personnel Service Procurement National Electric Train Set Project Outdoor Lighting System Procurement (TÜVASAŞ) Personnel Service [more…]


3's bridge response to average truckers

The truckers from Kocaeli are crying because of the punishments they claim to be unfair and irregular during the crossings from Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Ismail Ozkar, President of SS Cooperative No: 4, said in a statement regarding the situation, maz It does not suit the state of law ” [more…]