Cankesenden TCDD 2 Regional Directorate Visit

Visit from Cankesen to TCDD 2 Regional Directorate: Transportation Officer-Sen President Can Cankesen, Deputy Chairman, İbrahim Uslu, Kenan Çalışkan, Ankara Branch No 1 Candidate Erkan Güler and branch board members also visited TCDD 2 Regional Directorate.

Cankesen and his entourage first visited 2 Regional Manager Mahmut Yetkini in his office.

TCDD 2 Regional Directorate employees attended the meetings held by the Chairman of the listened to the difficulties of employees on the spot. Cankesen, who gave information about trade union activities, held mutual consultations with regional employees. In addition, Chairman Cankesen visited 2 deputy regional directors in his office and received information about the problems in the region.




    1. sn cankesen, employees' problems and solutions to the regional manager should have written in writing. The regional director of the request does not show interest or transfer to the superiors will be asking for the civil account of the employees.