YIB Description of Arapoglu

Arapoğlu'ndan YHT Statement: City Planners Chamber Sakarya Provincial Representative Oya Arapoglu, Deputy Mustafa Isen, Mayor Aydin Yilmazer Fevki Kılıç and Mayor Aydın Yılmazer in the explanations about the thinning of the route [more…]

07 Antalya

Konya-Antalya What is the high-speed train line?

I am talking about Ankara-Konya-Seydişehir-Seydişehir-Manavgat high-speed train line, a project that excites Konya, Seydişehir-Beyşehir and Manavgat. While Mr. Lütfi Elvan was talking more about the project during the ministry of Transport, he was ”finalized”. [more…]

16 Bursa

Women Want Respect in Traffic

Women Wants Respect in Traffic: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the request of the public at the request of the people to start the application of wagons for a large part of the appreciation was welcomed by a large segment, marginalized protests were found in places. This [more…]

06 Ankara

General Directorate of TCDD

General Directorate of Turkish State Railways: The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways is located on Talatpaşa Boulevard, northwest of Ankara Gar. “I think this is the most beautiful building of Ankara ın by German architect Bonatz, a jury member at Anıtkabir project competition. [more…]

konya sarajevo tram
387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

20 Tram to Sister City Sarajevo from Konya

20 Tram from Konya to Sister City Sarajevo: The grant protocol of the 20 tram that the Metropolitan Municipality has given to Sarajevo Metropolitan Municipality within the framework of the sister city agreement of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, Bosnia [more…]

81 Japan

Poetry Photos from Tokyo Metro

Poetic Photographs from the Tokyo Metro: German photographer Michael Wolf has published the most intense hours of photography on the Tokyo subway under the title 'Tokyo Compression'. German photographer Michael Wolf on the famous Tokyo subway, 2010 [more…]