5 bin m3 concrete was poured into Akçaray line and a rail weighed a thousand 977 tons

5 bin m3 concrete was poured to Akçaray line and a thousand 977 tons of rail was laid: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality uses many building materials within the scope of the Akçaray tram project. Studies in this context continue intensively. While two of the tram cars are coming to Kocaeli, 7,2 bin m5 concrete has been poured in the tram line between the Otogar-Sekapark and in the 3 km long crossroads. For these, 977 bin 36 pieces trifon was used with 854 bin 737 rails.


Within the scope of the project, 58 bin m3 concrete was poured along the tram line. 249 thousand m3 excavation work was carried out in a thousand 977 tons of rail installation. 36 bin 854 pieces of rail fasteners and 737 bin 100 triple screws were used for rail mounting.


14 one thousand meters of medium voltage cable was used to provide electrical connections of tram cars along the tram line. In the project, 530 is assembled with different diameters and while the foundation is prepared for the kataner poles, the assembly of the poles along the line continues. In addition, even the wire shooting process continues. When the project is completed 27 bin 250 meter contact wire and 23 thousand 550 meter carrier wire will be drawn.


Within the scope of the project, 400 m fire alarm, 4 bin m signal and 14 bin 300 m data transmission cable were made in the project. Afterwards, 16 m2 paint, 21 bin 182 kg aluminum cladding and 20 bin 550 facade cladding brick will be used in the project.

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