Erzincan Gumushane Trabzon railway line

Erzincan Gümüşhane Trabzon Railway Line

Canikli's railway line: He started a 'vertical / horizontal' discussion for the railway whose line was finalized. Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli sought a new line for the Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Trabzon line, the project tender of which was completed and the tender was extended to 2018. [more…]

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20% of Kanal Istanbul Will End This Year

20 Percent of Kanal Istanbul Will Be Finished This Year: 20% of Kanal Istanbul will be finished this year: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has set important targets for this year in studies on major projects. Maritime transport and Communications Ministry, [more…]

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Why are workers' deaths hidden at the third airport

Hiding the worker deaths in the third airport: expressions of workers in the third airport construction, it reveals that back to how a cemetery for workers in the construction site lays Labor and the reports prepared by human rights organizations, experienced business murder in Turkey of [more…]

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Visually Impaired Woman Can't Get a Metrobus with a Guide Dog

The Obstacle, You Can't Take the Metrobus with a Guide Dog for a Visually Impaired Woman: The incident witnessed by a good-hearted citizen named Onur Yarar in the Söğütlüçeşme metrobus turnstiles revealed the concept of GOOD and BAD with all its nakedness. Visually impaired at Söğütlüçeşme metrobus station [more…]

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Sile connection of the 3 bridge will swallow the forest

The Şile connection of the 3rd bridge will swallow the forest: The plan change for the Şile connection of the Northern Marmara Motorway, which will provide the road transportation of the 3rd bridge, has been suspended. The route chosen for the motorway is the 1st degree natural protected area and forest area. In the North Forests [more…]