06 Ankara

Ankara Metro Vehicles of Bangkok Metro Bozankaya produces

Ankara Metro Vehicles of Bangkok Metro Bozankaya Producing:BozankayaThe vehicles produced in the 45 thousand m² production area in Ankara's Sincan Organized Industrial Zone will carry the world. Vehicles from Solingen to Kayseri, Bangkok to Izmir, Bozankaya's name to the world. The power of Turkish engineering [more…]

48 Poland

UPS expands China-Europe rail service

UPS expands China-Europe rail service: China and cities added to the European line provide greater access to alternative shipping options for UPS customers UPS (NYSE: UPS), today the Preferred full capacity container between Europe and China [more…]

06 Ankara

Double Earnings on Public Personnel Advisory Board

Double Achievement in the Public Personnel Advisory Board: The Public Personnel Advisory Board (KPDK) meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. President of Memur-Sen who voiced the demands and suggestions of Memur-Sen at the meeting [more…]


2017 YGS Score

2017 YGS Points can be entered with the Associate Departments: Measurement, Selection and Placement Center by the 2017 YGS results after the announcement of 2017 YGS points according to the types of which can be entered into the year associate degree. YGS score types and close to 2 [more…]

35 Izmir

Electric Buses Hit the Road in Izmir

Electric Buses Road Quits in Izmir: Turkey's "full electric" first bus fleet comes into service in Izmir. April 20, Sunday, for 2 new buses that will make a difference with their "quiet, environmentally friendly and economical" features to be put into service by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

34 Istanbul

3 Metro Lines to Come to Sancaktepe

3 Metro Lines Coming to Sancaktepe: Speaking at the program organized by the AK Party Sancaktepe District Directorate Women's Branch, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, “3 lines will come to Sancaktepe and its tender was held on March 3. She ever dreams [more…]

92 Pakistan

Pakistanda passenger train hit the tanker 2 dead

Passenger train hit tanker in Pakistan 2 dead: In Pakistan, passenger train hit a tanker loaded with fuel at the level crossing. While 2 people died in the accident, many people were injured. In a statement made by Pakistan Railways, the train in motion is on the rails at the level crossing. [more…]

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Selçuk İzban Line Study

Investigation on Selçuk İzban Line: AK Party İzmir Deputy Mr. Mahmut Atilla Kaya, TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay, Selcuk Mayor Dahi Zeynel Bakıcı and AK Party Selçuk District Chairman Sema Yeşilçimen by TCDD Tepeköy-Selçuk [more…]