The route was determined in the outer neighborhoods in Diyarbakir

The route has been determined in the suburbs of Diyarbakır: Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has determined a new public transportation route that includes 5 sub-districts of Bağlar and Kayapınar districts and affiliated hamlets and factories in line with the demands of the citizens. A total of 6 thousand citizens on the new route [more…]

77 Yalova

The period of sustainable strategies in logistics

term sustainable strategies in logistics: In case of geo-political stability in the coming period, it is possible to say that Turkey will play an important role in the logistics. In case of geo-political stability in the coming period, it is possible to say that Turkey will play an important role in the logistics. Other [more…]

34 Istanbul

Banks competed for ATMs at metro stations

Banks competed for ATMs in metro stations: Banks competed for ATMs at metro stations on the Anatolian and European Sides of Istanbul. Metro stations on both the Anatolian and European sides in Istanbul are busy at all hours of the day. Especially at some main stops [more…]


Akçaray Tram goes on its first voyage

Akçaray Tramway went on its first expedition: The first trial run was made in the ongoing tram work. The first voyage in the Mehmet Ali Pasha region at night was successfully completed, which was started 596 days ago by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

08 Artvin

Artvinli Gedik`s Cable Car with Cabin

Ropeway with Cabin from Gedik from Artvin: 52-year-old Mustafa Gedik, who decided to do beekeeping on the slope without a road in Arhavi District of Artvin, found a practical solution in his own way due to the cost of building the bridge. 35 meters long between the two sides of the valley [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus drivers rebelled

Metrobus drivers rebelled: The public transportation ordeal of Istanbul is saying that the drivers in the metrobus are as much victims as the passengers. “Racing with time has literally turned us into racehorses,” says a BRT driver. Every morning in Istanbul, where fighting and malfunction are not missing [more…]

91 India

Ministry heard baby crying on train in India

The ministry heard the baby crying on the train in India: The Indian Ministry of Railways came to the aid of the baby traveling on the train. Learning from the social media account of the incident, the ministry delivered the baby's milk to the mother at the next stop of the train. Milk for babies traveling on the train [more…]

35 Izmir

Karşıyaka 150 ton steel bridge for tramway

Karşıyaka 150 ton steel bridge for tram: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka The installation of the 37 meter bridge, which was established on the Bostanlı Creek on the tram route, was completed in as little as three days. With the construction of the 150 ton steel bridge [more…]

34 Istanbul

There are situations in the 3.

There are situations that do not go on the rail at 3. The 2018 which was first announced in October 3 and then revised as February. As the date approached at the airport, concerns increased. Experts indicating that the airport may not be opened at the targeted date, the EIA report similar to the construction of delayed metro [more…]


URAYSİM Project Kıraç Field

URAYSİM Project Kıraç Alana Kaymalı: CHP Eskişehir deputy Utku Çakırözer, the National Rail Systems Center (URAYSİM) project on the Alpu Plain, declared as Agricultural Site has brought the agenda of the Assembly. Efficient lands of Alpulu farmers are not damaged by the project [more…]

34 Istanbul

İstinye-Çubuklu steamer line comes into service

İstinye-Çubuklu ferry line is coming into service: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is a role model to the world with its transportation investments from tunnels to subways, sea transportation to modern roads, will reduce the passage of Asia-Europe to 8 minutes. [more…]

34 Istanbul

From Fatih to 3.Havaliman to the Metro Gospel

Metro Good News from Fatih to the 3rd Airport: Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, gave the good news of the metro to be built at the 3rd Airport from Vezneciler in the program he attended with the representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). With the participation of non-governmental organizations (NGO) representatives of the AK Party Fatih Women's Branch [more…]


Today in History: 31 March 1868 for Rumeli Railways ...

Today in History, 31 March 1868, the 3rd contract for Rumeli Railways was signed with the Belgian brothers and partners of Van der Elst. 31 March 1919 In the letter sent from the Commander-in-Chief to the Ministry of Public Works, it was requested that correspondence be made in French at the Baghdad Railway Company. March 31 [more…]