Greater Harbors

Metropolitan Ports Revoda: Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has been transferred to the ports of the summer season with the arrival of the boat became the favorite of owners. In the 2016, the transfer of the ports to the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality continued, while the improvement works were continuing. [more…]


4,5G, 1 years old

4,5G, 1 year old: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that 4,5 million subscribers preferred the fourth generation telecommunications service 51,7G in its first year and said, "Two out of three subscribers preferred 4,5G." said. Arslan said in a statement that [more…]


Kars to Lead Smart City Application

Kars, Pioneering Smart City Application to You: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "Today one of our citizens in Turkey do not even want to remain deprived of access to the internet. For this, we are starting a mobilization with the name of no home without the Internet ”. Minister [more…]

35 Izmir

KarşıyakaMetropolitan Surprise for Friends of the Book

Karşıyaka- Metropolitan Surprise to Book Friends on the Konak-Bostanlı Ferry: Those traveling on the Konak-Bostanlı ferry encountered the surprise of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Library Week. “I read, do you?” With a book accompanied by applause to the citizens who read the book on the journey. written cockade and [more…]


Today in History: 31 March 1868 for Rumeli Railways ...

Today in History, 31 March 1868, the 3rd contract for Rumeli Railways was signed with the Belgian brothers and partners of Van der Elst. 31 March 1919 In the letter sent from the Commander-in-Chief to the Ministry of Public Works, it was requested that correspondence be made in French at the Baghdad Railway Company. March 31 [more…]