Kınalı Kuzular Life in the Metro

Kınalı Kuzular has experienced the spirit of Çanakkale in the Metro: Çanakkale Victory's 102. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was revived in Metro Istanbul. The show of the duygu Kınalı Kuzular ın was full of emotion at the Istanbul Metro.

Metro Istanbul, one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Companies, celebrated the Çanakkale Sea Victory with a series of events. . Kınalı Kuzular uz, who has written hik Çanakkale Geçilmez â (ağız Çanakkale Geçilmez â), has met the passengers in Metro İstanbul and told their stories from their own mouth. The event took place at Yenikapı Station and there were moments of emotion. Kınalı Kuzular also shared food caravans with passengers from Metro İstanbul.

The Kınalı Lambs, dressed in military clothing and equipment of the period, representing the soldiers who fought in the Battle of Çanakkale, traveled on the train and sohbet did. The theater performance of Kınalı Lambs, who sang "Çanakkale folk songs" and distributed compote and barley bread to represent a daily meal at the front, was also enjoyed by Metro Istanbul passengers.

In addition to the main program in Yenikapı, in order to understand the struggle of our glorious ancestors and the magnitude of the victory of the Çanakkale Victory; It was inhabited in Metro Istanbul.

Attending the event at Yenikapı Metro Station, İBB Metro Istanbul General Manager Kasım Kutlu said, “As İBB Metro Istanbul, we aim to revive our victory, which was the turning point of history 102 years ago, to enable our citizens to empathize and to remind the Çanakkale Spirit to the new generation.”



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