High Speed ​​Train Will Come in 2023 Why You Have Deceived Malatya For Years

Why did high speed train come in 2023?

CHP deputy chairman and Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba, criticizing the AKP who repeatedly gave different dates on the high-speed train, "If the high-speed train would come 2023, why have fooled the Malatians for years?" He said.

In recent days, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, in a program participated in the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project in his statements about the name of Malatya, the eyes once again make a different trainings on the issue of high-speed train, giving the different dates to the Malatians Good news! the AKP has turned to deputies and administrators.

In a written statement on the subject CHP Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Veli Ağbaba, economic, social, population-oriented in terms of population faster than the high-speed train coming to cities back from Malatya, Malatya, 6 year after the best possible to accept to come not. Malatya is located on a crisscrossing point that connects the north to the south and east to the west. The reason why the city, which has such an important geographic location, is one of the cities where the high-speed train is the last, should be announced to the public by AKP MPs who speak continuously. Böyle

Since the 2012, when the issue came to the fore, reminded the AKP MPs that they gave good news on the gospel to the Malatian by explaining different dates. , the proclamation of the proclamation of the proclamation of what is not to deceive the Malate? The deputies who make the statement please do an archive scan and see how many times they explain to the Malatians about the high-speed train. Malatli never deserves this political conception. Mal




  1. YHT investments are made on suitable main routes with cost-effectiveness analysis, especially as in investments that require serious costs. Those close to these routes also benefit from this investment. YHT to Malatya should also be considered in this context. Already when Sivas' YHT arrives, in a sense, it will also come to Malatya-Elazığ-Diyarbakır-Batman-Erzincan-Erzurum and Kars. It takes an average of 4 hours from Malatya to Sivas. Also this way is electrical if I'm not wrong. When electrical sets are operated, this distance is reduced to 3 hours. It will take 5 hours between Sivas and Istanbul, and it will be reduced to 8-8,5 hours in Malatya. Now, when you add the waiting time even by plane, it is approaching this time.