Changes in Bus Lines in Antalya

public transportation in Antalya was free
public transportation in Antalya was free

Bus Lines in Antalya were Amended: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 3 in the center changed the bus lines in the big district.

On February 1, there was a revolution in transportation in Antalya with the launch of nearly 12 meters of turquoise colored buses, which were suitable for disabled people of 400 meters. As of February 1, while the minibuses with the M-plate and the AB-ATT-AN-plate minibuses do not work in the city center, only big public buses now serve.

The Transportation Department of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has made some important changes since then. It includes various Konyaalti, Kepez, Otogar, Varsak, Muratpasa, Lara, Ermenek and Kundu regions. Here are the arrangements:

  1. The VF65 and VC57 line are combined. The VC57 line was extended to Varsak. New route: VC57 Varsak-Siteler-Varsak Bridge-Kütükçü-Suişleri-Bus Station-Kepez-Weaving-Çallı-Güllük-100th Year-Meltem-Minicity-Konyaaltı Beaches-Harbor
  2. Since the VC57 line was extended to Varsak, the VF65 Varsak Sites-Suişim-Otogar-Çallı-Migros line was canceled.
  3. LC73 Kundu-Lara-Freedom-Kırcami-Doğu Garage-Güllük-Çallı-Weaving-Bus Station-Kepez-Ünsal line was canceled.
  4. The TC16 line was extended from Otogar in the form of Akdeniz Sanayi-Ünsal: Ünsal-Sanayi-Otogar-Çallı-Güllük-Işıklar-Freedom-Ermenek
  5. TC73-A line was opened on LC16 route: Ünsal-Sanayi-Bus Station-Weaving-Çallı-Güllük-Işıklar-Özgür-Ermenek

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