The Metropolitan Seal of Tourism Corridor Project

Tourism Corridor project metropolitan seal of the Culture and Tourism Ministry's "Turkey Tourism Strategy 2023" created under the target "Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars Winter Tourism Corridor Project" Pala in ejderxnumx Palandöken Ski Resort Hotel in workshops were organized. Erzurum Deputy Governor Ayhan Tailor, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Selami Sharp, Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Cemal Almaz, Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, project officials Francesco Comot, Alex Andreis and Kivanc Karapinar in the workshop where the other guests, different tourism demands in order to meet and diversify, it was decided to establish tourism promotion and management offices in three cities.

12 months spread in Turkey's tourism potential at the meeting that the aim of moving to a competitive position in the tourist zones of high, disclosure was made on the details of the project. Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Selami Keskin, in his speech at the meeting, said: esi We, as the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum, would like to be a supporter of this project and be a pioneer in this project. Therefore, on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality, we are committed to establish, manage and support the Destination Management Office to be established here. We are committed to doing more than what we can within the project.

We wish that we will be ahead of Erzurum as the other provinces, but in the spirit of the project there are three regions growing at the same time. We want everyone to grow with the qualities they can offer according to their own characteristics. EJDER3200 is the brand name in this destination. We talked together while we were talking. It is a joint brand of hotels in Erzurum and all of its stakeholders. By geographical identification; Palandöken, Konaklı and Erzurum is a geographical definition. As a partner of this project, we do not want any institution and person as the biggest organization that wants to make this project and the most exciting institution of this project to prevent this project. Kiş In the meantime, after the decision of the next meeting to be hosted by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality It posed.

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