06 Ankara

Security with K-9 Dogs in Ankara Metro

Security with K-9 Dogs in Ankara Metro: The specially trained K-9 German wolves of BUGSAS, affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, make a great contribution as an effective and deterrent element in security measures in subways. terrorism and security incidents [more…]

06 Ankara

Transportation of the Future Bozankaya'in

Transportation of the Future Bozankaya'Also: Founded in 1989 in Germany, started its operations in Turkey in 2003 Bozankaya Automotive stands out from many companies with its strong R & D infrastructure. 2015 was awarded the Company of the Year Award in Europe [more…]

35 Izmir

Access to New Year's Eve in Izmir

Izmir New Year's Eve Transportation Setting: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the last night of the year for the public transportation has gone to organize additional trips. For Izmirites who will spend New Year's Eve “outside ulaşım, transportation services have been increased. 31 December 2016 [more…]

35 Izmir

Balçova Teleferikte Snow Pleasure

Snow Enjoyment in Balçova Cable Car: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's Cable Car Facilities in Balçova witnessed a rare event in the city. Who wants to turn the white sheet formed in high sections into fun with the fall of the first snow of the year [more…]


TCDD announced permanent recruitment results

TCDD permanent worker recruitment results have been announced: Turkish Republic State Railways TCDD's permanent worker recruitment oral exam results have been announced. Right to start a job at TCDD kazanWhat are the things to do and what are the required documents? [more…]