7 Russia

Bomb alarm in 3 train station in Russia

Bomb alarm at 3 train stations in Russia: After the phone calls containing a bomb threat came in Moscow, the capital of Russia KazanAbout 3 people were evacuated from the railway stations of , Yaroslav and Leningrad. THOUSAND FROM 3 STATIONS [more…]

16 Bursa

Journey to death behind the tram in Bursa

Journey to the death behind the tram in Bursa: Children who travel behind the tram in Bursa disregard their lives bring hearts to their mouths. Citizens, on the other hand, take a mobile phone image and show their reactions through social media. City in Bursa [more…]

38 Kayseri

Photographers in Erciyeste

Photographers Erciyes: Professional Photography Training and Practice Trip organized by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality every month was held in Erciyes this month. Approximately 150 photographers participated in the practice tour. Within the scope of Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Art Activities [more…]

16 Bursa

Car parks brought quality to Uludağ

Car parks brought quality to Uludag: by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 1st and 2nd Hotels Region kazanThe 1400 car parks with a total capacity of 3 vehicles, which were opened every year, prevented the chaos experienced every year and created an image befitting Uludağ. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railway is our future

Railway is Our Future: Although the railway is a safer and more environmentally friendly mode of transport than other modes of transport, it is still the least used transport method in Turkey. In terms of the value of Turkey's exports [more…]

20 Denizli

In the Bağbaşı Plateau

Bağbaşı Plateau with Cable Car Wanting to See Snow: Since its inception in Denizli, Denizli has been frequented by Denizli residents and guests from neighboring provinces. Established in Denizli [more…]