Words of Praise from Minister Ağbal to President Sekmen

Words of Praise from Minister Ağbal to President Sekmen: Minister of Finance Naci Ağbal came to Erzurum to examine the work carried out at Palandöken Ejder3200 World Ski Center. Minister Ağbal listened to the briefing titled “60 Projects in 60 Days” given by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality at Snowdora Hotel.

Minister Ağbal congratulated Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen for the investments made and said, “Substantial work has been done in a very short time. I am so happy. Very professional work done. Most importantly, there are permanent artifacts in our ski resorts. Hopefully it will develop further. Because Turkey kazanhe's eating. Congratulations to our President Mehmet Sekmen. Indeed, Mount Palandöken is a blessing for us. We must manage these areas professionally. The Metropolitan Municipality is doing important work on this road. Hopefully, much more will be done," he said. Chairman Mehmet Sekmen expressed his satisfaction with Minister Ağbal's visit and said, “The face of Palandöken Mountain is changing. Hopefully, more foreign and domestic tourists will come to our region with the corporate brands created. We are one of the centers with the best facilities in the world in winter tourism.

Since we took over from the Privatization Administration, we have achieved great works in a very short time. We hope that our government will support the Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Centers will make larger investments etim he said. Following the presentation at Snowdora, Minister Agbal and his wife, Sekmen, went out on the globe. In the unique view of Palandöken, the Minister Ağbal examined the city and made a souvenir photo in front of the Palandöken script. In his visit to Ağbal, the Mayor of Bayburt Mete Memiş, AK Party Bayburt Province President Hakan Kobal and AK Party Erzurum Province President Mehmet Emin Öz accompanied.

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