7 Russia

Explosion in subway station in Moscow

Explosion at the metro station in Moscow: A huge explosion occurred at the entrance of the Kolomenskaya metro station in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Flames resulting from the explosion were also seen on the street. Russian [more…]


Motorized Reciprocal Line Tender

Rotating Line Tender from Motaş: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality public transportation company MOTAŞ is organizing a tender for 8 vehicles that will work alternately on the lines. Increasing the comfort in public transportation and reaching passengers [more…]

34 Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel Passage

Eurasia Tunnel car crossings started this morning: Istanbulites started using the Eurasia Tunnel as of this morning. Crossing the Asian and European continents under the sea floor for the first time [more…]


Logistics sector needs high quality pallets

The logistics industry needs quality pallets: Thanks to the quality pallets offered by CHEP, the world leader in equipment pooling services, the logistics industry improves its operation processes. These pallets in international standards are possible [more…]

35 Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Project

Project Move of the Century from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start many important projects that will radically solve the city's traffic and transportation problems in 2017. Preparations [more…]