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Neighborhoods in Istanbul

Neighborhoods that are Easiest to Access in Istanbul: REIDIN analyzed the degree of "walkability" by measuring the distances of the neighborhoods in Istanbul to the metrobus stops and the rail system. Of a house to be purchased or [more…]


RayHaber 16.12.2016 Tender Bulletin

R&D Center Establishment and Execution (TÜLOMSAŞ) Skidding sand will be purchased. Diyarbakır-Kurtalan Line Km: 92 + 050 Highway Overpass will be provided. Cleaning and Spraying Service will be taken (TCDD Tavsanli and Tunçbilek [more…]


Stoned Tramway in Samsun, Samsun

A stony snowball thrown to the tram in Samsun led to a breakdown of flights: stoned snowballs thrown by the children in Samsun by the children of the vehicle and caused the damage of the expedition led to. [more…]