16 Bursa

No passage from BURULAŞ to pirate

There is no way for pirates from BURULAŞ: Number 10 private public buses that are famous for burning oil and destroying the environment and frequently come to the fore with the rude behavior of their drivers towards the passengers. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Neighborhoods in Istanbul

Neighborhoods with Easiest Transportation in Istanbul: REIDIN analyzed the "walkability" degree of neighborhoods in Istanbul by measuring their distance to metrobus stops and rail system. of a house to be purchased or [more…]


Stoned Tramway in Samsun, Samsun

A stony snowball thrown to the tram in Samsun led to a breakdown of flights: stoned snowballs thrown by the children in Samsun by the children of the vehicle and caused the damage of the expedition led to. [more…]