TCDD to manage national railway traffic as monopoly

National railway TCDD monopoly to manage traffic: the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), will manage the monopoly of the rail traffic on the national rail infrastructure network.
TCDD Enterprise General Directorate Main Status was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.
TCDD, which will operate as a railway infrastructure operator on the part of the national railway infrastructure network and which is transferred to the state-owned railway infrastructure, will monopolize the railway traffic on the national railway infrastructure network.
The organization that will determine the traffic management fees on the national railway infrastructure network which is not in its saving with its services on the railway infrastructure network which is in its saving, with equal conditions for all train operators and which will not discriminate, will collect them from railway train operators. Operate, operate or rent non-railway areas of the railway infrastructure that are in the savings.
Railway will be considered the main road
The railway will be considered as the main road at the intersection of the railway, village road and similar roads, and the railway vehicles will be the superiority of the crossing. The institution or organization to which the new road is connected at these intersections shall be deemed to be obliged to make an overpass or overpass and to take other safety measures.



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