Traffic in Izmir and Halkapinar

Traffic will be made in Bostanli and Halkapinar: Due to the arrangements to be made in Bostanli and Halkapinar, roads will be closed in the area where the study will be carried out.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which constitutes the main transportation backbone of İzmir by rail system, Karşıyaka trams made great progress. In order to breathe in urban traffic and support transportation with environmental investments, KarşıyakaWhile construction works of Konak tram project are going on intensively, on the other hand, the button was pressed to renew the Meles and Bostanlı Creek bridges on the tram lines. In order to ensure the least impact on the traffic during the construction works in both regions, a new traffic order was made by the Metropolitan Municipality.

According to this Karşıyaka It was decided that the renovation works of the Bostanli Creek Bridge on the tram route would be carried out in stages.

Bostanlı starts Monday

Within the scope of new traffic regulation, 16 will be available from May; Hasan Ali Yücel Boulevard Bestekar Yusuf Nalkesen Return to the street and exit from 2018 Street to Hasan Ali Yucel Boulevard will be closed to vehicle traffic. 1. the part of the existing bridge will be closed to traffic. Drivers can alternatively use the sea side of the bridge as 2, 2 as arrival. After the works on the land side of Bostanlı Stream Bridge, this part will be opened to traffic with 2 lanes, which will be 2 and 4 arrivals. The studies will be completed in total 6 months.

Temporal order begins in Meles

Meles River Bridge, which is on the line within the scope of Konak Tramway, was closed to traffic due to construction works. In this context, for the drivers who went to Halkapınar from Şehitler Street, the connection to Halkapınar was provided through the new service opened in the region. In addition, transportation to the airport, Aydın and Mürselpaşa Boulevard, which are connected to this point, continue uninterruptedly.

Reflecting Bridges

Karşıyaka The tram line will be rebuilt due to the necessity of enlarging the hydraulic section of the bridge in the passage of Bostanlı Creek on Hasan Ali Yücel Boulevard. The remaining part of the Bostanlı Stream between Hasan Ali Yücel and Cemal Gürsel streets will be rearranged in accordance with the zoning plans and the creek rehabilitation works will be realized.

The existing highway bridge over the Meles stream on the Konak tramway route will be demolished and rebuilt for the purpose of hydraulic section expansion and building safety. Completing the projects for the arrangements to be made in both streams, the Metropolitan Municipality begins construction works.

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