Balçova Ropeway 5 April Day Will Open New Season

Balçova Ropeway 5 April Day Will Open The New Season: Izmir's ropeway maintenance will begin Tuesday's pleasure.

Balçova Cable Car Facilities, which was commissioned last year by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, could not serve since February, due to annual periodical maintenance. 29 has been prolonged due to the maintenance, automation-related arrangement that was previously announced to end on March at 31. The ropeway, 4, will be re-opened on Tuesday April.

Balçova Cable Car Facilities was built 41 years ago in 1974. The facilities that had served the people of Izmi for years were closed in November 2007, following the report prepared by the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers regarding the detection of wear and the inconvenience of using them. It was decided to carry out improvement work first. However, the repair was abandoned after the material and technology standards of the cable car facilities built in 1974 are not valid today and the new EU-compliant standards were accepted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2009. It was decided to build a new cable car. At the end of the preparation of the project in accordance with the new standards, tenders began in 2011. However, the first two tenders were canceled due to various problems. The third tender, on the other hand, could not be concluded for a long time due to the objections and litigation processes made to the Public Procurement Authority. Finally Tender kazanThe site was handed over to STM Ropeway Systems Company in April 2013. The company experienced economic difficulties in this process. However, the construction continued. He received three extensions. While the construction was in progress, the buildings on Dede Mountain, where the facility is located, were renovated and landscaped.

Balçova Teleferk Tesisleri 31 July 2015'da 13'den after the day of 12 in August, the short-term care was taken. In 2016, 29 was periodically serviced in February before the new season due to stretching of the ropes during the test drive and passenger transportation process. All moving and mechanical parts of the cable car were removed and checked. During the maintenance of the facility's uninterrupted operation with generators and facilities in the plant maintenance and landscaping also took place. The Metropolitan Municipality announced that the facilities could not provide service until the 31 March 2016 due to maintenance. After a month-long maintenance, the ropeway was expected to be put into service on April 1 April Friday or 2 April Saturday. However, due to an arrangement related to the automation of the plant, the opening 4 day was suspended despite the maintenance. After the completion of the automation, the cable car will start to re-serve on Tuesday, April 5.

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