35 Izmir

Izmir Cycling Master Plan

Izmir is working for the Bicycle Master Plan: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has an 40 kilometer cycle in the city, has taken action to increase this number to 135 kilometers. Metropolitan, on the other hand, Izmir [more…]


Great convenience for students from MOTAŞ

Great convenience for students from MOTAŞ: Now students will be able to perform their transactions through the system without submitting documents. Aiming at maximum customer satisfaction, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ continues to make innovations suitable for its electronic infrastructure. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railway will bring Sivas back to life

The railway will raise Sivas to its feet again: Sivas is known as the 'city of the republic' with the foundation of the republic, the 'city of culture' with its minstrels and historical artifacts, and the 'mining city' with its underground reserves. Industrial investments in the city were also the first of the republic. [more…]

58 Sivas

A ski simulation center will be built in Sivas

A ski simulation center will be built in Sivas: A Ski Simulation Center will be built by Sivas Special Provincial Administration. Sivas Special Provincial Administration has started the work of the ski simulation center in order to make the sport of skiing conscious. Province [more…]

1 America

Chemical Cargo Train Derailed in Washington

Train Carrying Chemical Cargo Derailed in Washington: In Washington, the capital of the USA, the Colombian District Fire Department reported that a train carrying chemical cargo had derailed in the northeast of the city. District of Colombia Fire Department in Washington, USA [more…]


600 meters of rail laid in Akçaray

600 meters of rail was laid in Akçaray: In the Kocaeli tram line works, 600 meters of rail were installed, including arrival and departure. Kocaeli in order to provide comfortable and fast transportation of citizens within the city center. [more…]