Nuri Demirağ's Achievements Will Be Survived In The Mansion Where He Grew Up

Nuri Demirag
Nuri Demirag

Nuri Demirağ will live in the mansion that spells success: The first airplane factory so that the first contractor of the founders and the state railways of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey "Demirağ" surname given by Nuri Demirağ culture in Sivas Divriği district to better explain to future generations and art house was created.

The Nuri Demirağ Culture and Arts Center, which the District Governorate established in Mühürdarzade Mansion in the district, will be opened on May 24, includes various projects with the silicone sculpture of Nuri Demirağ, the railway network map from Sivas to Erzurum, medals and photos of Demirağ. .

In a statement made by Divrigi District Governor Mehmet Nebi Kaya, he said that they created a culture and art house in Mühürdarzade Mansion, where one of the entrepreneurs of Republican history, Nuri Demirağ, cherishes his cherished memory.

Stating that Nuri Demirağ's life story, commercial life, projects, the railway networks he constructed, and aircraft production and materials related to his political life were found in the culture art house, Kaya added that they enriched the culture and art house with the sculpture of Nuri Demirağ made of silicone.

Stating that they received support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Sivas Special Provincial Administration in the restoration of the mansion, Kaya said, “We set out from the memories that our citizens of Divriğili kept in the name of Nuri Demirağ while the culture and art house was being created. The photos, newspaper clippings, books, medals we see while visiting here today are all from that time. These are the works that have been collected by our fellow countrymen to keep the memory of Nuri Demirağ alive. Our map showing the railway network from Sivas to Erzurum is a hand-drawn map dated 1934. ” he spoke.

Noting that Nuri Demirağ did not only build rail, Kaya noted:

“As a result of a 3-year project based on the Golden Gate Bridge in America, he presented the Bosphorus Bridge project to Atatürk in 1934. Atatürk likes the project very much and says 'well done Nuri'. He then transfers the Bosphorus Bridge Project to the government. It seems to be a fantasy project for that time or it is criticized as 'it will spoil the view of the Bosphorus'. The project that Nuri Demirağ envisioned for that day, the train will pass through, the tram line will be located, there will be lines for land vehicles, there will be a pedestrian walkway will be realized today when the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is completed. ”

He founded the first airplane factory in Turkey "

Expressing that Nuri Demirağ has built factories in many areas, Kaya said that the railway kazannot kazanÇla stated that he turned to aircraft manufacturing.

Describing that Demirağ has accomplished this with the words “If a nation cannot live without a bastard, we will be obliged to make it until its bolt”, Kaya produces “Nu.D-36 aircraft, this time he is designing the Nu.D-38 passenger aircraft while he was in the production phase. . Demirağ flies his first Turkish native plane to Divrigi in 1941, goes to Thessaloniki, and flies to many cities in Anatolia. Nu.D-38 passenger plane receives A class passenger plane certificate from Europe, it flies to Divrigi on the plane. ” said.

Stating that Nuri Demirağ Culture and Art House is happy to open up to the service of citizens, Kaya said, “Our President gives a special attention to the name of Nuri Demirağ. If the name Nuri Demirağ lives in Sivas Airport today, this was accomplished by the instructions of our President during the prime minister's term. ” used expressions.

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