Akçaray shape

Akçaray was formed: The tram project between Yahya Kaptan and Sekapark, which will work on the 7.2 kilometer line, has been started recently. 2.65 pieces of 32 meters wide and 12 meters long [more…]


Yasar Celik: The ticket suffering has ended

Yaşar Çelik: Ticket skein has ended. Yaşar Çelik, CEO of Biletall.com for passengers who do not want to waste time searching for tickets at an affordable price, said that they have developed the system. Biletall.com, find cheap tickets for passengers and travel planning [more…]

Metrobus Journey Tricks
34 Istanbul

Here are the Tricks of the Metrobus Journey

Here are the Tricks of the Metrobus Journey: Here are the tricks of the Metrobus journey: Metrobus is one of the most frequently used means of transportation for those living in Istanbul. These vehicles, which are at the service of millions of people during the day, are now in their own [more…]


Tramway Construction in İzmit

Tramway Construction in Kocaeli is in Progress: The tramway line, in which the rail system will be implemented in Kocaeli, is underway in many streets and neighborhoods. The tram system to be implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the first time in Kocaeli [more…]


What is Bitumen Asphalt in Railways

What is Bitumen Asphalt in Railways Asphalt was first used by Mesopotamians for the isolation of temple and water tanks in temples. The ancient Egyptians were also the combination of the rock sets they took to prevent erosion throughout the Nile. [more…]