35 Izmir

10 of the new cruise ships of Izmir also came

The 10th of İzmir's new cruise ships has arrived: The 10th of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's new cruise ships has also arrived. For the ship called “Sait Altınordu”, a meeting will be held at Konak Pier tomorrow with the participation of President Kocaoğlu. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Button pressed for URAYSIM

The button for URAYSİM was pressed: The single-rail system test center of our geography is being implemented in Eskişehir. Anadolu University National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center (URAYSİM) is expected to be laid this year [more…]

34 Istanbul

How to prevent metrobus accidents

How can metrobus accidents be prevented: Experts warned about the increase in metrobus accidents recently, “The drivers are tired, the roads are unplanned. A follow-up distance meter and automatic braking system should be brought to metrobuses immediately… WRI Turkey [more…]


The YHT Route in Sapanca

Sapanca YHT Route Expropriation Stage: Sapanca Municipality held the ordinary assembly meeting in May. High Speed ​​Train route expropriations, Municipal Baths, Italian Camp's pasture area [more…]

Intercity Railways

Batman's railway problem

Batman's railway problem: Batman Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, the railway problem in the city center was due to the failure of local authorities to intervene in time, he said. About the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) passing through the city center of Batman [more…]