Giant projects shine Altunizade's star

Giant projects shined Altunizade's star: Giant projects in Üsküdar shined the star of the district, Altunizade. Metadata prices have increased by 100 in Altunizade, which is in high demand in recent years

The term "stone soil gold" used for Istanbul has recently been valid for the Altunizade neighborhood, whose star shines. Property prices increased by 100 percent in Altunizade, the center of Üsküdar, where Marmaray, Üsküdar Çekmeköy metro and urban transformation projects were implemented. Established in the second half of the 19th century by Altunizade İsmail Zühdi Paşa and called by this name, the neighborhood has become a record-breaking region in the property prices of Üsküdar district. The square meter prices of new projects started to see 10 thousand liras in the region where the old apartments sold 'none' due to the urban transformation works.

The star of the region, where there is no empty land to build, shined when Marmaray ended. While the coastal regions had a premium boom in Üsküdar, Altunizade and other neighborhoods have become the premium centers of the future. Nizamettin Aşa, President of Istanbul Chamber of Realtors, said that the infrastructure investments made Üsküdar and its region, which is already the favorite of the investors, have become a premium center especially for new projects. Explaining that the prices of square meters increased to 10 thousand liras due to the investments in the district, Aşa said that this figure is higher in new and branded housing projects, “Every district of Istanbul makes a premium. Prices in Üsküdar have increased by 100 percent since the start of metro projects. Everyone in the region is waiting for urban transformation. There is a liveliness in the new projects. ”

According to the research of the real estate appraisal company EVA Gayrimenkul, the increase experienced during the start of Marmaray reached 100 percent when the project was completed. Cansel Turgut Yazıcı, General Manager of the company, estimates that the second wave increase in the region will be in the range of 15-25 percent with the completion of ÜsküdarÇekmeköy subway. While housing prices in Umraniye increased by 2014 percent between 2015 and 34, the combined increase in housing prices in the district has reached 2012 percent since 28.



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