Channel Istanbul is waiting for route environmental report

Channel is awaiting environmental report in Istanbul: Environment and Urbanization Minister Sarı: We are focusing on environmental sensitivity for Kanal Istanbul. After the environmental reports are completed, we will make our assessment and determine the route. Çevre

regulations for Channel Istanbul of Turkey's mega projects carried out, sensitivity to the environment will be maintained at a high level. Following the completion of technical reports in the 15 billion-dollar project, the route will be determined. Environment and Urbanization Minister Fatma Güldemet Sarı said de As the Ministry of Environment, environmental impacts will be evaluated and planning will be done here as Ministry of Urbanization Çevre. . These areas will include green areas, central business areas, residential areas, museums, universities, connection roads, metro links. We continue to work on the planning of these areas. We will share them when it becomes clear. Net The project is planned to build two cities with a population of 500 thousand. Minister, emphasized that the negative effects of environmental impacts in Kanal Istanbul underlining that everything is evaluated in a negative business environment. In the event of possible damage to the environment that will take measures to compensate for the transfer of Minister Minister Yellow önlem The infrastructure of this project is created by creating. Nobody says 'Let's make a channel.' But all this is a long process. . This prolongation of the preparation period of Kanal Istanbul stems from a good analysis of all these effects. Kanal


Yellow, environmental impacts in every investment, such as shields to prevent the use of shields, stating that çevre talking about the environmental impact, the citizens of the field with the discourse of protecting the environment, trying to pull their own side. During the trip events' We 3. The Bosphorus Bridge, 3. We do not want the airport 'they said. 3. The source of the last bridge of the bridge was made, it will open soon. An alternative route consists of which all vehicles passing through Istanbul will use this road to ease the traffic in Istanbul. İstanbul


Minister Sari also gave information about the work carried out in Diyarbakir Sur where terrorism damaged. We are talking about the settlement of thousands of years of history, indicating that the reason for the visit to Dubrovnik, Toledo and Vienna is not to do the same to the city. We have our own projects, architectural textures. Sur and Diyarbakır have local architectural features. We are sending teams to gain experience in the technical sense here. We do texture, architecture, local and traditional features, but we need to do its infrastructure in the most modern technology. We cannot make the life here with 40 electricity, sewage system. We have to look at how we combine technology with history. Tekn


Environment and Urbanization Minister Sarı said the Ministry of Finance's low taxation effort for vehicles with low emission emissions: ver The common goal of us is to protect the world from climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. As a developing country with a goodwill contribution, we can make investments in energy up to 2030, how to reduce our dependence on foreign sources, the incentives we will make in transportation, and the opening of hybrid, electric vehicles. All ministries, the public, the private sector or citizens as we have to offer our own contribution. We need to protect the world from the impact of the environment. Çevre



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