10 of the new cruise ships of Izmir also came

The 10th of Izmir's new passenger ships also arrived: The 10th of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's new cruise ships also arrived. Tomorrow, a ceremony will be held at Konak Pier, with the participation of Mayor Kocaoğlu, for the ship called "Sait Altınordu".

Metropolitan Municipality to the city kazanThe construction of the 15th of the 10 new passenger ships, which the people of İzmir have been transported and named by the people of İzmir, has been completed and brought to the Gulf. The ship, whose final controls were carried out at the shipyard in Yalova, will bear the name of Sait Altınordu, the legendary captain of Altınordu. A ceremony will be held at Konak Pier on Friday, May 6 at 11.00:XNUMX for Izmir's new ship. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, as well as the symbolic names of the Altınordu community will attend the ceremony.

Legends become immortal
With the legendary captain of Göztepe, Gürsel Aksel, KarşıyakaIzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which put the ships named after Cengiz Kocatoros, the symbol name of (Gode), into service, added to its transportation fleet. kazanHe had determined the names of these new ships, which he undertook, as a result of the survey conducted with the participation of the people of Izmir. In the survey, in which more than 500 thousand votes were used, the name 1881-Atatürk received the highest vote. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has put into service 9 ships produced so far, gave these ships the names Çakabey, September 9, 1881 Atatürk, Soma 301, Dario Moreno, Attila İlhan, Foça, Cengiz Kocatoros and Gürsel Aksel. The passenger ships that were delivered were given the names Hasan Tahsin and Ahmet Piriştina, who were also prominent in the survey.

Legend of the Altinordu
Sait Altınordu, one of the greatest masters of Turkish football ever, ran after the round of leather until the age of 43. Sait Altınordu, who played 27 years in the Altınordu team continuously, crowned this success with coaching. He identified himself with his club so much that he even took his surname as “Altınordu”. Throughout his long football life, he rejected the transfer offers of big clubs such as Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray, reaching astronomical figures. He lived as Altınordulu and passed away to this life as Altınordulu.

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