Tram Hits In The Street At Hafız Major Street

The Tram Passed on the Trades in Hafız Major Street: The construction works for the tram project that will be realized in 2017 in İzmit continue. After the museum directorate of the project, the street of the shopkeepers in the street will be affected negatively. Artisans of artisans will be demolished

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, before the local elections of the 2014 local project, a representative car park triple electrical outlet by the Izmit Monument Park showcased in the project work continues with all the shortcomings. Due to the error in preparing the project, train wagons in the region where 10 NUMBER Restaurant is located and Izmit Ethnography Museum's garden will be removed. The museum, which will take place next to the Metropolitan Municipality, will exhibit the works here. Wagons will take place on the dusty shelves of history.


The tram, which is frequently criticized due to its route, is a subject of debate because it will be built on a total of 7 kilometers and cannot provide solutions to the problem of urban traffic. Many of the non-governmental organizations, which stated that the tram to be constructed between İzmit Sekapark and the bus station was inadequate and showable, objected to the project, but the Metropolitan Municipality did not make any changes in the project. Following the project, museum and historical train wagons, the street where the Kocaeli Court House was located in the city center of Izmit was hit.


The tram, which will reach the Kocaeli Court House by the side of the D-100 highway, will continue along Hafiz Binbası Avenue until the front of the Eren Mosque. The promotional film of the Metropolitan Municipality will hit the tram tradesmen showing that they will proceed along the existing street without causing any changes in the region. Prepared in the promotional film will continue along the street for the tramway to the road to the expansion day before the trades appeared with notification to trades.

It was thought that the artisans would not be hurt in the tram video prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality.


Within the scope of the studies, the Metropolitan Municipality of Hafiz said that the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality, the tradesmen on the sidewalk to unload the stables and prepare for demolition. After a period of time, the municipal authorities will enter the region with construction equipment and carry out demolition works. The artisans who create a 'smoking area' with shelters along with a ban on smoking will be adversely affected. The trades that will expire until the end of this week will be handed over to the tram project.

Street cafes and restaurants are located in front of the smoking canopy.



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