Konak Tram Passes Forward As Expected

Another challenging stage was completed in Konak Tramway, which is under construction. The production on Şair Eşref Boulevard, which connects the tram line from Çankaya to Alsancak, was completed 1 week before the planned time. The traffic flow in the region has returned to normal. According to the work schedule, the work at this stage was foreseen to be completed by Bayram.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is gradually increasing the tempo in the manufacturing works within the scope of Konak Tramway. On the Konak-Alsancak line, which constitutes the most difficult part of the project in terms of implementation, the obstacles are overcome one by one, the project stages are completed earlier than the specified dates and the traffic is relaxed. The Metropolitan teams, who spent 4 days before the planned time to spend their work in front of the Alsancak Station to the opening of the Izmir International Fair, did not lose their speed in the Poet Eşref Boulevard stage. Aiming to complete the works between Montreux Square and Çankaya before the Eid al-Adha, the Metropolitan Municipality has moved one week faster than the business calendar to ensure that the traffic flow returns to normal.

Last destination 18 September
Having set three target dates for three critical points of city traffic, Metropolitan Municipality completed the first two before the foreseen time. The third goal is to complete the works on Cumhuriyet Boulevard to Gazi Boulevard until September 2017, 2018, the academic year will begin. At the end of November, it is aimed to end all manufacturing.



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