Nemrut Ski Resort Exposes Citizens

Nemrut Ski Center is on the influx of citizens: Nemrut Ski Center in Tatvan district is flocked by citizens on weekends.

Some of the citizens who want to spend the weekend are enjoying the beautiful view in Nemrut Mountain early in the morning, while others enjoy skiing.

Expressing great interest to citizens at the resort on weekends, the Director of Nemrut Kardelen Ski Resort Faruk Sinoglu, ski lovers for the facility has created all the facilities, he said.

Sinoğlu said, “The rope length of the chairlift here is 2 meters and there are 500 dirt depending on the difficulty levels. Our longest runway is 4 kilometers. People come here to both enjoy the view and have fun by skiing. "The interest of the citizens coming from neighboring provinces and districts, as well as the local people, is dominant."

Umut Karacar, who evaluated the weekend in Nemrut, said that they reached the summit and had the opportunity to watch the unique beauties of Nemrut Crater Lake and Tatvan, and that they also enjoyed skiing.

Emphasizing that they came to Nemrut Mountain with his friends to ski, Hacı Kahya Özdoğan stated that they were happy to be in Nemrut in a beautiful weather.

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