National Skiers Encourage Youth to Sports for Cigarette Money Kazannagging

National Skiers Encourage Youth to Sports for Cigarette Money KazanYilmaz, who is the champion of Turkey in the ski branch and is a ski coach, aims to prevent young people from smoking and to allow them to ski for the money of a pack of cigarettes.

Turkey is located in the ski sport and ski championship coaching that Ali Yilmaz, (46) preventing young people's smoking a pack of cigarettes skiing aims to provide the money.

Yilmaz, who is a painful ex-national skier, encourages young people to ski at a low cost by renting their ski suits for 10 TL in the city of Küpkıran Ski Center in order to encourage children and young people to ski sports.

Yilmaz, AA correspondent, said in a statement, the purpose of saving children and young people from the streets and coffee shop corners, he said.

Stating that skiing is not done by those who have money anymore, citizens who do not have good financial conditions can also ski, Yılmaz said, “Ağrı Governorate has a project called 'We are skiing young people'. We will provide material assistance and ski training to the children who want to ski and whose financial situation is not favorable. "We help children who want to ski and pull them into the ski environment."

“We are renting a ski team for smoking money”

Defending that most of the children and youth in Ağrı are smokers, Yılmaz said:

“We are struggling to attract young people who are addicted, aggressive and coffee in the corners to sports and skiing. We have very talented children and young people in the field of sports in Ağrı. Our goal is to get at least one athlete out of every house and ski young people for a pack of cigarette money. Today, a pack of cigarettes is 10 TL and we rent the ski suit to 10 TL. You can ski for 10-15 TL here. Hopefully this project is worth it and we see its return. ”

They're pulling their bread out of the skateboard

Expressing that their children Mert and Eda were also teaching ski, Yılmaz stated that they make their living from snow and ski sports.

Mert Yılmaz (20), the son of former national skier Ali Yılmaz, said that skiing is a horse sport for them. Stating that he started skiing at the age of 8 and his goal was to attract other children to this sport, Ali Yılmaz said, “We all started skiing at a young age, whether it was my brothers, my uncle's children and my relatives. Provincial championships and Turkey have achieved championship. " he spoke.

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