Marmaray uses 118 million people

118 million people used Marmaray: So far 118 million people are using Marmaray Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, said that they have not yet completed the route work for Kanal Istanbul
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that Marmaray carried 118 million passengers and d 12 decreased from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge,. For the Channel Istanbul Project, Yıldırım also said that ilgili We have not completed the work on the route yet Yıldırım. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways, Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) and 2016 budget of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation were discussed at the Parliament's Planning and Budget Commission. Yildirim, the ministry gave the following information about the work:
235 BILLION PROJECT: The total number of projects of the Ministry is 3 bin 705 units. Total project amount 235 billion 591 million TL. So far, 126 billion 168 million TL project was realized. The cost of remaining projects is 109 billion 423 million TL.
118 MILLION PERSON USED: To date, 118 million people used Marmaray. This is more than the 7 of the Istanbul population. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge from the transition to the 12 vehicle is reduced. This is a concrete indicator of how much the project contributes to mass transportation.
THE COMPANY HAS A SOURCE-BASED DELAY: Gebze- which is the continuation of the Marmaray projectHalkalı Unfortunately, we have a delay in the suburban line. There is a delay in the financial problems of the firm. Here, we solved the problem, the 2 trains will be the continuation of Marmaray in the year.
THE WORLD'S THREE-SOLID: We have 2003 million transport in 34 in aviation. Now we have 190 million. For the first time, it passed outside domestic lines. 97 has been carrying million 490 thousand. Our share in the world in aviation is 2003 in 0.45 and close to 2. That made three times the growth of the aviation world economic growth in Turkey.
THY GLOBAL BRAND: THY has become an important company with flags on all continents. We were flying to 2003 at 60 and we have reached the 261 point. We've risen to the 18 9. We're in 3 in Europe. We are the first in the world in many respects and in the flight network.
We are working on the 5 route for the Kanal Istanbul project. We have not officially announced any route so far. However, speculation is being created in the region with some estimates during the studies.

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