Signature Campaign for Florya Station Started

Signature Campaign for Florya Station Started: Gebze- renewed within the scope of MarmarayHalkalı Florya station on the suburban train line about 800 meters away, said the Court of Accounts 'leak' declared facility (aquarium-shopping mall-hotel) and shifted to the point where the luxury restaurants.
Florya and Ataturk Forest Protection Solidarity and Cultural Association (FLODER), the nearest population in five populated districts in the region, the station against the Atatürk Pavilion in front of the new project launched a campaign against the move. The association applied to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) for the protection of the old place of the station.
FLODER President Taner Dayı ve In the project, the new station will serve only one shopping mall and luxury restaurants. An understanding that makes it difficult for the public to reach the station is contrary to the public interest. Halk
The aquarium complex where the station was moved was leaked according to the Court of Accounts's 2014 report. Sirkeci-Halkalı The suburban line was closed in 2013, within the scope of the Marmaray renovation work.

Signature campaign launched
The application to the IMM on behalf of FLODER said:
Ayla The location of the current station in Florya is close to where we can come to Basınköy, Menekşe, Sefaköy and Beşyol residents by foot or by public transport. It is also opposite the Sun Beach and is used by citizens from other districts of Istanbul to benefit from the coast and the beach.
The new station will serve only Aquapark shopping malls and restaurants. An understanding that makes it difficult for the public to reach the station cannot be appropriate for the public good. Public benefit and public service require this station to remain in place. We request that the Commission report be changed and that our station remains in place. We will submit the petitions signed by our people to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Halk
The Marmaray line is in Gebze-Halkalı in the context of the extension of Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı line has not been used since 2013. On the line where the rails are dismantled and construction activities are started,Halkalı Within the scope of 'Improvement of Commuter Lines', it was decided to transfer approximately 800 meters to the east.



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