The Caves of Istanbul

The caves that changed the route of the Channel Istanbul: One of the biggest factors in the change of the route of Kanal Istanbul was the Yarimburgaz Caves located in Basaksehir.
Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, presented Istanbul last week for Kanal Istanbul, said: arasında There have been some hesitations for the sites in the studies of the experts. Therefore, the need to handle the route was born again. Bu Minister Yıldırım's allegedly 'protected areas' are claimed to be 'the ancient sites of Yarimburgaz Caves', considered to be the oldest settlement in Istanbul.
Previously, Küçükçekmece-Bahçeşehir-Arnavutköy line was the most prominent route. Although there is no clear explanation on this issue, some of the projects and existing houses in this region, 'Canal Istanbul view' was sold as sold. Here is the ancient antique age, approximately 400 thousand years old halfway at the entrance of this line is half a cave. Half a kilometer west of Istanbul, about 22 miles west of Küçükçekmece, Yarımburgaz Caves located in the Altınşehir district of Başakşehir District had been the 'film set' of historical series without any permission.
Latest 43 of the Magnificent Century. and 44. In this cave, some important scenes were taken for investigation. Another popular series, Leyla and Mecnun, had gathered some reaction because some scenes were taken in these caves.
There are rooms with ceiling heights of up to 1 meters in Yarımburgaz, which is about 15 kilometers in length.
In the Great Century, the Yarimburgaz Caves were used as a series set, where Ibrahim was treated. In the meantime, an investigation was started to be written on the walls of the caves.
Çatalca was the first prominent route in Kanal Istanbul, which was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during the Prime Ministry's period. Çatalca is also home to important archaeological finds. The History of İnceğiz Caves in Çatalca is known as 3. century.
2001 in 1. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is currently working on a Venetian-style project that can open the waterway between the Sazlıdere Dam and Çekmece Lake to the canal in the form of a canal.

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