90 Minutes of Rebellion Continues in Izmir

The 90 Minute Rebellion Continues in Izmir: With the start of İZBAN's Torbalı flights, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made a 'hidden hike' to transportation. The price of getting to the city center from Ayrancılar and Urla, where the 90-minute application was removed, was 9 lira and 60 cents.
After the İZBAN line was extended to Torbalı, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality went to regulate its price tariffs. Within this framework, the 90-minute removal of the Ayrancılar side revolted the citizens. While the metropolitan officials suggested that there was no “hike” in the price tariffs, the citizens said that the “90 minutes to get up” burst into them and therefore they paid 9 liras 60 cents each day to go to and from İzmir from Ayrancılar.
Hundreds of citizens went to the Cistern Transfer Center and cut the front of the city bus and took action due to the abolition of the 90-minute application in Ayrancılar the previous day. However, the reactions were not limited to this.
Stating that they used 90 minutes of application while using the buses that went to the Cistern Transfer Center, the citizens said that 90 minutes after İZBAN extended to Torbalı.
'This is the name of the hidden hike'
Stating that 90 percent of the residents of Ayrancılar are low-income citizens, “We come to Ayrancılar Sarnıç in 25 minutes and pay 2 lira 40 kuruş. Then, when we board İZBAN, we pay 2 liras 40 kurus again. Since we pay the same fee on the return, 9 pounds 60 cents goes from our pocket every day. Likewise, to use İZBAN, we pay 2 lira 40 kuruş when we go to Pancar from Ayrancılar transfer center. While traveling to İZBAN from Pancar to the transfer center in Cumaovası, 2 liras and 40 cents are cut again. Therefore, the same money comes out of our pocket. With 90 minutes before, we do not understand why ESHOT started to charge twice as much with the arrival of İZBAN. This is a secret hike and is nothing more than torment. ”
No 55 minutes on 90 route
The municipality of the Metropolitan Municipality in many places, causing confusion, the application was finalized by the decision of the parliament. According to this, the category A (bus-metrovapur and suburban), which is described as the city center, remained the same. Only 35 in all categories except 90 tickets were given unlimited boarding entitlements within minutes. 55 routes to the category B classified under the arrangement. These routes did not give the right to transfer.
The ferry trip has turned into a torment
The ferry times organized by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide faster transportation at sea brought citizens to madness. Due to the new arrangement, the berths of the ferries coincided, the 15-minute journey increased to 25 minutes due to the torture. Especially in the morning and in the evening, coming to the Passport Pier at the same time Karşıyaka, Konak and Bostanlı ferries began to line up to drop passengers. Citizens reacted to this wait, especially in the middle of the sea during business hours. Passport departure from Bostanlı yesterday morning at 08.50 am, Karşıyaka and after the unloading of the passenger ferry, 10 was able to dock at the pier in minutes.



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