Herekeleri train craving

Herekelilerin for the train: the train departing from Sakarya individual stops in Istanbul Haydarpaşa stop stops, would allow citizens to travel cheap.
The curiosity of fast transport was reduced to the minds of those in power, then all traditions changed.
Due to the High Speed ​​Train line Haydarpasa removed the express.
Rail transport stopped until High Speed ​​Train was in operation.
Many high-speed stops were forgotten.
High Speed ​​Train, which only stands at the district centers and at the big stops, caused a period to be closed.
The region which is the most victim of the acceleration of the train was the Hereke of the Gulf.
Once in Hereke, one of the most important areas of the city, citizens were using the railway to provide transportation to Izmit and the Gulf.
There's no train in Hereke now.
Herekeleri look at the old photos and starved.
This photo belongs to 5 years ago.
Herekeli citizens are waiting for the train Her
Nowadays, there is only one question in mind, the people in power often promised suburban flights will begin?
Will Hereke recover the railway line, which was used actively in the old days?

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