Minister Yıldırım, Channel Istanbul's Route Will Change

Minister Yıldırım, Channel Istanbul's Route Will Be Changed: Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, Channel Istanbul Project, geological structures, natural sites, groundwater resources, grassland, because of the route will change, he said.
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said on the Channel Istanbul Project, leşme There are geological structures on the canal route. Considering natural sites, historical sites, groundwater resources, pastures, there were some hesitations for the sites. Therefore, the need to handle the subject of the route was born again, Bu he said.
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, was the guest of the, What's happening Haber program on TGRT News screens. İhlas News Agency and TGRT News Ankara Representative answered the questions of Batuhan Yaşar and gave information about the projects of the Ministry of Lightning, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Channel Istanbul Project's work is carried out meticulously Yildirim, experts, as a result of the work done by the experts in the area of ​​hesitations arising, so the route will be discussed again. Uz Kanal Istanbul Project is our crazy project, it is a big project, so we need to give speed to this project, ”said Minister Yıldırım, m We are making our preparations very rigorous in order to prevent any disruption in the project. Once there are geological structures on the canal route. When we consider natural sites, historical sites, underground water resources and pastures, there have been some hesitations for the sites. For this reason, the need to reconsider the route was born. I don't want our citizens to be too hasty about it, they shouldn't be disappointed. 'Let's channel here, let's attack here' or something. And then they don't blame us, we don't have a route yet. Some routes are flying in the air. When I say I'm out, 'this is our route', which is the binding for us is the route, '' he said.
The share figures related to the distance taken in the aviation Turkey Lightning, expressed the new airport will be the world's largest to be held in Istanbul. Airport's economic contribution, describing the lightning Turkey, "Turkey is not only the highway, took very serious steps in aviation. We call it the 'airway way of the people'. xnumx't xnumx't percent of Turkey's share in the global aviation literally; Not even 2003, not even half. Now 0.45 percent, the full 1 fold. In 2, we fly to 4 point in the world, we are making flight to 2003 point today. There is no other country in the world that increases the flight point, we are number one in the world. Istanbul Ataturk Airport was the 60 after London and Paris this year. When we took office, he couldn't get into the first 261. The number of employees in aviation was 3 and 10 came to a thousand. When I started my mission, there were 65 thousand pilots, now there are 200 bin 2-8 thousand pilots. Now, at the gate, pilots are in line to enter work at the Turkish Airline. The new Istanbul airport will be the largest in the world, the 500 million. We have shown a pit to the citizens. Coal extracted, very hard to ignite, the smell of coal, it was riddled. We've given this disturbed pit. We said, v You will make an airport here, you will invest more than 9 quadrillion, you will run 150 years, 30 will give us 25 quadrillion money as rent for the year. 25 will give us this airport at the end of the year. X
Stressing that the government attaches great importance to the construction of divided roads, Yıldırım said, “The ongoing 4 has over one thousand kilometers of divided road projects. This year we will complete a thousand kilometers of divided road projects. 2003 had a total of one thousand kilometers divided by 6. In 2015, this number is 24 bin 280, more than 4. One floor itself, namely 3 folded. 13 years, Turkey came here to here. 2003 40 the average speed was 80, now roads have been made 80'e output. 62'e but fatal accidents 2003 decreased. 500 thousand 1 thousand accidents in 700 a year now, 4 million 4 thousand accidents. Then 8 thousand people were killed in accidents, now the 20 thousand people are dying but traffic has increased twice. XNUMX had million vehicles, now we have XNUMX million vehicles. Divided roads save lives. In other words, we divided the paths, combined lives. Yani
With the development of technology, Tuncay said that they made great progress in the construction of tunnels. “When we bring the tunnels we made in 13 year-round, it is a tunnel from Istanbul to Ankara. Let's say; You're going underground from the center of Istanbul. 80 annually ball ball 50 mile tunnel was made. We only completed 2015 at the end of the year, the amount of tunnel 57 kilometers. 13 has a tunnel over 400 kilometers per year. Technology has evolved. You used to come down to the valley when the road is built, you pass by a small bridge from the water, you go back to the mountain, you come to the mountain greeting and passing side. Now we come to the mountain, we pass through the mountain, we come to the valley bridge and pass the viaduct ağı found the evaluations.
Ti Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be opened in August with the Minister of Lightning, heralding the opening:
Dün Gulf bridge from Istanbul to Istanbul, 4. The big bridge will be ready at the end of April. Until Bursa, Gemlik will be opened until the end of the year will reach Bursa. The 2018 will be opened in Manisa-Bursa, and Manisa-Izmir will be opened at the end of this year. The Eurasia Tunnel ends this year. Entering Sarayburnu, Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital is coming out. The preliminary works of the 3-based tunnel have also begun. This is a big project; 17 has a diameter of meters, both subway will pass, and cars will pass, all in one. The tender will not be immediately. Because the throat will pass before the route work will be done, the ground will be rocky, very wide drilling will be done. Drilling of station locations on land and sea will be done, geological studies will be done. This 2 will last for years. After 2 years, the route will be revealed, then the bidding process will begin. A bridge between the two bridges, connecting the rail systems on the Asian and European sides with roads leading to the bridge. On the one hand it will take land traffic to the second bridge and connect to the next subway lines after the first bridge. That is the integration of both the rail system and the highway. Yani
Minister Yıldırım, the program gave good news to the people of Ankara. Yıldırım said that the end of the year will end at the end of Lightning, Esenboğa metro line projects are under construction, he said.
Explaining that the work on the domestic aircraft continued the Minister Yıldırım, alar the aircraft is not an issue with the license. We will place a new model by adding our own engineering, our own reasoning. In this direction, the infrastructure is almost ready, the organizations to be assigned are certain, the process is working. Bu Indicating that the order of the local satellite is given to the Lightning, TÜBİTAK'ın carried out the work, 2019'a plan to finish up, he said.
Or There is no flight at Yüksekova Airport and Şırnak Airports, or said Yıldırım, yapıl Flight 2 is not being made. Citizen already hesitated to travel there because it is uneasy. Secondly, it is not done with the concern that there may be any attack on approaching when it is descending. He is currently working on his work, maybe they will change the approach model belki he said.
Minister Yıldırım explained the projects related to İzmir as follows:
Üzerinde Our eyes are on İzmir. Projects in Izmir will continue without interruption. Road projects, railway, Izmir-Ankara high-speed train continues, Istanbul-Izmir Motorway continues, We have extended the Environment Road to Menemen, Menemen to Çandarlı will extend. We extended İZBAN to Torbalı, we were going to open Saturday, but we are going to Kazakhstan with our Prime Minister. İZBAN is an example project of the municipality and the government. It is one of the rare projects jointly carried out by an opposition municipality and power. As long as the people of İzmir made this project so that it can be comfortable, it does not go well. We extend the line, extended to Torbalı, from there to Selçuk, we will extend to Bergama. When it is finished, we will connect the big town of Bergama and Selcuk together. 2 is the longest commuter line in the world with kilometers. X

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